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Elevated Storage Tanks

Marlboro Water Company recently entered into a new agreement with Southern Corrosion Engineers to maintain our tanks. We have four elavated storage tanks for our system.

  • 200,000 gallon Highway 38 South
  • 300,000 gallon Tatum
  • 200,000 gallon Marlboro Road
  • 750,000 gallon Highway 38 South at our office

We recently painted the interior and exterior of the Highway 38 200,000 gallon tank which included sterilizing the interior using AWWA Disinfection Spray Method. Our 300,000 gallon tank in Tatum was also recently washed out and disinfected also using this same method.

As information: Marlboro Water Company tanks are inspected annually to ensure they are operating properly and to see if any maintenance is required. This agreeement with Southern Corrosion will provide the maintenance required by SCDHEC.